It all started in the 1950’s with neighborhood backyard BBQs, where Bill & Elise perfected our dry rub along with a family favorite BBQ sauce and other side dishes. Neighbors kept saying, "Bill, you need to open a restaurant.”

So in 1962, Bill’s BBQ opened in a small town in Texas, and it was an instant success. And from then on he was known as Barbeque Bill.

Nothing fancy, just an old gas station converted into a self-service BBQ joint. But whether it was brisket or pork ribs, or the weekend special of half a chicken with all the trimmings, this rub made everything delicious! Today, the CedarWood family is still using Pawpaw Bill’s special dry rub for briskets, ribs, pork roasts, chicken and turkey. We found not only does the fourth generation in the family – our little ones – love all the various BBQ meats, but so do all our friends and families that visit us.

CedarWood Farms is dedicated to providing backyard chefs with a product that is guaranteed to please.

We promise that when you use


CedarWood BBQ Rub

you will have a


Lip-Smackin’ Good